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    By HEIDI

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    Just as Tammy mentioned, for many LD students disorganization is a problem. YOu wouldn't ask someone in a wheelchair to stand up and run a marathon, so is it fair to ask someone with a different disability to "get organized"?

    Here is what I did to teach a student I had last year how to cope with his own situation. Like Tammy said, only a couple of things were actually kept in the deak. The school had a small trolly on wheels (like from Walmart). It had two baskets that were transparent and slid in and out like drawers. No lid. My student kept his duotangs and text books in the top basket stored vertically so the spine were pointing to the ceiling. The bottom bin held his lunch pail and pencil box, sometimes he even threw in his ball cap since he couldn't wear that inside. He took great pride in keeping this tidy, and I think because it was so open and visual for him, he was able to monitor it. He also bragged to the principal about how special he was because eh got this to use.

    Just a suugestion... anything's worth a try, right?!

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