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    drama ideas
    By Sarah

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    I teach 4th grade drama to my class. I am no expert but I highly enjoy teaching it, and I will pass on a few of my ideas that you could use for a starter.

    Three resources I use a lot:
    - Dramathemes by Larry Swartz
    - Games for Everyone by David Booth
    - "Improvisations" by ? (sorry, I'm at home at the book is at school)

    This year I've started with mime. We have done some mirroring activities and will be doing frozen pictures next (tableaux).
    Other things I will do:
    - tongue twisters (great for voice techniques, rhythm, enunciation)
    - Readers' Theatre (use short scripts)
    - improvisation games
    - at the end of the year, we do a short play - props, costumes, etc... - it's a good "end of the year" activity because it pulls together everything done in drama, plus it's good when the kids are getting year-end antsy

    My class this year has quite a few immature students so we've being doing short periods with lots of clearly structured guidelines- no laughing at others, what a good audience looks like, you have the choice to participate in front of others, etc...

    Good luck!

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