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    been there, too!
    By 3rd year teacher

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    My first year teaching was horrible! Although I rec'd a good review from the principal & was rehired, etc. it was an emotionally & mentally trying year for me. I came back the 2nd year to do it again, thinking ok, I know how things operate now, I know better what to do, etc., etc. I was still an emotional wreck! My mentor was useless, my "team" was always gossiping about this that and the other thing, and my questions were answered in quick short monosylabic responses. I decided not to return & questioned if teaching was for me. I accepted another position shortly before this school year started in another district where I am very happy. I have a wonderful mentor and a great team. My principal is an awesome lady that bends over backwards for her teachers and staff. What I'm saying is...maybe teaching at that school isn't for you, or as others have said, that grade level. Give it more time and try to reflect on what it is that's getting to you, and see if it can be eliminated.
    Check out for a great article on the stress faced by first year teachers. Good Luck!

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