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    By Lauren

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    I have done the experiment where you draw colored tiles from a bag and have to decide on the combination of colors inside the bag based on the number of times that each color has been drawn. They takes turns and record their information, and do the trial 3 times to be sure the data is accurate. You give them 3-4 choices of the combinations and the bag and they have to decide the colors they have.

    Something else I have done is have them do an experiment for the "Chewey and Soft" Bubblegum company. You tell them that the company is going to run a contest that gives a free case of bubblegum to anyone who can unwrap, chew up and blow a bubble in 1 minute or less. You collect the data by actually doing this experiment in the classroom. They have to write a letter to the company to explain the outcome, and whether or not the company should run this contest. If the probability of people winning would be too high, the company would lose money. If no one could do it, the contest would not be exciting or effective. I hope these ideas help!

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