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    Dino fossils
    By Ally

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    I recently saw an idea where students used packing foam (those white peanutty shaped things)to make dino fossils...I think they drew the fossil and then glued the packing foam on top...since you have such an age range, this might work as the older children can make more complex fossils.

    I have made dinosaur footprints with my classes before using molds that I bought and plaster of paris. They were a big hit.

    I love the "dig" idea...I have done that on a small scale in a shoe box and have also used chocolate chip cookies (kids use toothpicks to dig out choc chips) but a wading pool would be so neat!

    I have also had the children make displays of the different eras...they all seem to have tons of dino toys so we brought them in, classified them into the era they lived then the kids decorated an area (top of a desk or table) with the dinos that lived there, plants etc and we put up little "info" cards about each era. It was a great display and gave them a chance to show off what they had learned.

    Good luck...Ally

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