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    Job Fair info
    By ML

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    Dress professionally** and bring copies of your resume.Also it helps to have a paper with all the important info written on it i.e. college address, names of references, dates etc. in case you have to fill out an application. (I never remember all this stuff.)Have an attache or nice business type bag with you to keep your resume in and all the papers and info you will receive from recruiters.Smile, shake hands and make eye contact.Be enthusiastic. You want them to remember you. Be sure to get name etc of recruiter.This will help when you want to make a follow up call later. Talk to everyone. Don't limit yourself to one/two school districts or one/two areas of education. You never know where a job offer might come from.

    At some Job Fairs they will take your resume and info and call you later for a formal interview.
    Or they may ask interview type questions so be prepared.You never know you might be interviewed then and there. Be prepared.

    ** You don't have to go in an expensive Brooks Brothers business suit(male or female)but make sure you are dressed nicely. Dress "teacher nice".

    Good luck!

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