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    Literacy program
    By Doni

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    I can imagine that you are overwhelmed. Last year was my first year teaching without language arts/reading texts and it was a difficult adjustment. Thankfully my school uses the 4 blocks approach, and I got the training I needed to initiate it in my classroom. It was still difficult getting comfortable with it, but now it works wonders and I don't really miss having text books. You don't have to go through the 4 blocks training to put the ideas to work, and I think they would help you greatly. You set up your literacy into 4 blocks - Guided reading, working with words, SSR, and writing. The key is knowing which isolated skills you want to teach and then planning instruction for these skills. I would be glad to share what I do with you. You can email me and I will help all I can. Also, check out these web sites. You can buy Classrooms That Work: They All Read and Write for about $20. This is the one resource I could not have survived without last year.

    There are also some great 4 blocks web sites out there that have tons of ideas and printable resources.

    Good Luck!

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