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    stress from students
    By S.F.

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    It is more difficult for your system to work in a long-term sub position than it will be in your own room. Keep being as firm, fair and consistent as you can, and stick to your system. Do not let the students see they are getting to you or they will be encouraged. Like the other poster, I'd enlist the help of the principal or the other teachers and use far-reaching consequences if needed (e.g. removal off a sports team for bad attitude in class).

    If you have a good principal, he/she will be willing to help support you, knowing your position. If the principal is not supportive, I'd be looking at a different school for a full-time position.

    Good luck- don't take the students' behavior personally, and remember that it's only 2 more months after which it won't matter any more. I was in your situation once- I hated it and felt powerless with the 8th graders who didn't see me as a "full status" teacher and because of my inexperience/youth didn't give me any automatic respect. I switched schools and started F/T with a very supportive principal and it's made my career since (2 years) rewarding.

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