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    By Lori

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    Here are two activities we use, I think they are great to start a unit on this.
    1. The Crinkle kid: Choose a picture from a magazine of a chil (Try to find a full page one) Sit on the rug and tellt he children you want them to say something not too ncie to the girl or boy. Each time they do, crinkle the picture. Keep going until she is crinkeled in a ball. Then have them begin to say nice things to her, and smooth out the paper as you go. Once the paper is smooth ask the children what they notice. (The picture is smooth but not back to the way it was) The lesson is that once you say something mean you really can't take it back. We hang the crinkle kid above our door as a reminder.

    2. Along the smae lines we do a toothpaste thing. The class takes turn coming up to the front, they say something not too nice and squirt some toothpaste out. After it is out I say now let's be nice and take those mean things back, and let them try to put the paste back in. Pretty effective.

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