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    graphing pictures
    By Meaghan

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    I couldn't find any either, so I made up my own. All you need is a piece of graph paper with labeled numbers on one axis and letters on the other. Make up really simple pictures. A house with a pointed roof,chimney, door and window is good and simple. I also did a very simple daisy with a stem and leaf. The grass below was on diagnals.

    Another fun thing I made up was a coordinate search game the students loved. They name coordinates to look under flaps to try to match a target picture. Make a large grid (maybe 4 feet?) and do your letter and number coordinates. Find a really silly graphic and make two copies of it. This is what the students will search for. Post one of the graphics on the top of the grid. Then get about 12 more silly graphics and tape them to index cards and tape them as flaps to turn over.

    (Don't affix them permanently so you can change locations of the pictures to try again.) The student who guesses the right coordinate and reveals the right picture wins. This is very telling of which students have the memory to recall other's answers.

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