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    parent presents
    By Michele

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    This year we made wreaths out of hand cut outs. This is what we did: (We spent 30-40 minutes in the mornings doing this)
    sesson 1:

    I cut out the middle of a paper plate for each student.
    Students then colored the paper plates green in a center, meanwhile:
    Each student traced (well, teacher traced some) and cut out 10 hands.
    Each student cut out 2 red hands.
    sesson 2:
    Students glued the green hands (fingers out) to the paper plates. They then glued the red hands together to look like a bow (they cut on a crease so they were together).

    sesson 3: we put drops of glue on the wreaths and put red glitter on it (for berries). On some kids I glittered around the outside of the red hands too.

    Meanwhile, we decorated white paper to wrap them in.

    We've also done calendars...but that is time consuming. Another idea is using a dye cutter to cut out teddy bears with a hole in the middle, them for the kids picture. On the back we put either an old x-mas card or felt, or just paper.


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