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    By Jennie

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    Mainly because it's just so much fun!!! Sure, we can spend time belly-aching because of testing and parents and all of the other "stuff" that seems to drag us down, but when we get right to the heart of it, teaching is what you make of it. My goal is to ensure that my students LOVE coming to school as much as I do. There is a way to teach your students, prepare them for "the test", and enjoy your job. Just have confidence in your abilities to teach. Know that anyone can teach kids to memorize information, but our job is to make students understand how wonderful learning can be. Sure, I have my own share of worries about testing and evaluations, but deep down I know that I'm doing the best I can for those kids. Make learning what it should be - enjoyable! I feel like I've been given a wonderful gift - the chance to be with kids every day. Who better to remind me of how precious youth really is than a child. Count your blessings ladies and gentlemen. If you've been callen to teach, you've received the best call there is.

    Happy teaching!

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