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    Coolness in Teachers
    By justanotherteacher

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    I know exactly what you feel like. The thing is sometimes teachers do expect things from us and we are supposed to be able to mind read.
    I always ask if there is anything they want me to do when I sub that I might not be doing or ...if there is anything that I do that they would prefer me not to. If I am in subbing for another teacher I try to call over to see the one I subbed for to see for myself in facial reaction if I was ok.
    The problem is ..what is ok and wanted in one teachers eyes is not in another.
    I actually had a teacher really having a go at me when I told her that her class had been fairly well behaved. She wouldnt believe me... sighs. I think the thing we need to remember is what is ok and good behavior in one teachers eyes is not in another.
    I also found out that leaving a list of all the badly behaved children is not really wanted unless it is backed up with the really well behaved children too.
    No teacher wants to think all her babies are bad lol.

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