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    Thank you for giving the test names
    By justanothersub

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    I have just found a site about AR testing as applied to Florida, and, as a teacher I would be upset if my students did one of these tests without me present. I know most students are trustworthy with these tests but a teacher will know who is ready to sit them and who isn't. Unless I am told I will not let students sit these tests because with a class I dont know I need eyes everywhere else. I dont think I am able to keep close enough an eye on students to avoid them cheating.
    If its in the sub plans I will be sure to choose a time when I can observe a little closer for the children to sit the tests.
    We dont yet do these tests back in Britain but I can see from the renaissance learning web page what an assett they must be to a teacher in the classroom.
    Sighs... I have so much yet to learn! I need to look up Newbucks now lol grrrr ...they should tell us subs about everything when we apply to sub. I am sure we would nearly all like to know what goes on when we are not there ...or is that just me lol.

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