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    locked out
    By Glitter

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    Our custodian works until 4pm. Teachers are made to leave at 3:30 so the custiodan can take out the trash one last time for the day and mop the halls. Our kids leave at 2:45 and busses pull out at 3:00, so that gives me 30 minutes to wipe tables, spray lysol, and sweep. I also usually have time to organize for the next day. But as far as changing bboards and displays, not hardly! My bboards stay the same all year. There are many days when I never even see other teachers. We'll often meet as we are leaving and comment, wow, were you here today, I never even saw you. It has really become like a joke among us.
    If our principal cam in and saw kids taking down a b board, heads would roll. You better be on task with book in hand every second.
    We go to the lunchroom to eat and I eat with the kids so that won't work either. We tried to pair up for lunch and one teacher take two classes to lunch while the other teacher had a free half hour. That didn't fly with boss man.

    Oh well, Have a good day back to work!

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