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    By JMC

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    There are tons of ways to make learning new vocabulary fun. Here are some neat ways to help students learn to spell the new vocab.
    -air writing (make big arm motions to spell words or act out their meaning)
    -raise the roof (palms up towards ceiling and raise roof every letter)
    -stretch out each letter as you spell it (like an elastic band)
    -chant the letters of the word
    -sing out letters of word like an opera singer
    -sit in circle facing the back of the person in front of you, trace the letters of the word on their back
    -start out loud and gradually with each letter grow more silent
    -crouch down and with each letter grow (like a plant)
    -crouch down and say each letter as if you are counting towards blast off and end with the word
    -talk about what the word means and use it in a sentence.
    -use the word in a long run on sentence that becomes quite silly.
    These are just a few ideas. If you make the word fun, they may remember it during reading time. Good way to learn to spell some new vocabulary.
    Have fun and good luck.

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