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    Behavior Management
    By Melissastarr

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    When I've had particularly trying classes I've decided to have a class meeting to discuss it. I'm very honest with the students in saying that I have tried what I know to do, I'm discouraged, and I know they can do better. Then I ask them what strengths the class has, what things we need to do better, and ask THEM for ideas on how to get everyone to do what they need to. If THEY decide what incentives and punishments will take place it seems to work. I've been using a money system for the past few years which works well- give the kids fake money when they're making good choices, helping others, handing in homework, being a good example, etc. The kids can buy the things they've chosen with their fake money: free time, a drink pass, lunch with the teacher, a movie (always educational, but they enjoy buying it and I'll supply popcorn), etc. During class meetings focused on helping things they've pointed out things I can do better- hand out money more, give better options for how to spend money, etc. The kids are very creative- ASK them what will inspire them and what should be their punishment. I'm always surprised at what they come up with.


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