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    By Connie

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    They are probably not going to give you a job if you are planning to leave in another six months. The New England public schools have had no growth since the Pilgrims landed. I used to live there and went to school in Conn. There were no jobs when I graduated. It was crazy to have big education departments in the state colleges but no jobs to place the teachers in.
    If you plan on getting out of the north east after your husband graduates then look for an area to live with lots of growth. I live in the Washington/Maryland/Virginia area and we are begging for teachers. They also send you to get the correct classes for certification but let you work also. This board will be a good resource for future.

    You would probably do better being a waitress for the time being. When I lived in Conn. I used to work in a store where I got health benifits after I graduated. I also worked as a sub on my days off from the store. I was single so working was my source of entertainment.

    Try the Catholic schools in the area they ususally beg for teachers and pay benifits...if you only want to teach.

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