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    Fluency practice
    By CC

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    When I explain fluency to my student I say When good readers read they sound like they are talking. Then I give 2 examples to illustrate my point. First I read a short passage without fluency. I read slowly word for word in monotone. I make it very obvious. Then I read it again at a good pace and with expression. I ask if they heard a difference and which way sounds more interesting. Then I choose a short passage for them to read. Make sure it is something they can read easily. The best passages are ones with a lot of punctuation. I explain how the punctuation helps you t read with fluency. Periods tell you to stop, commas take a short rest, quotations tell you to alter your voice, and so on. Then we practice. I read a sentece with fluency and they repeat. Then I call volunteers to demonstrate. Then they partner up and practice. I ask for more volunteers. By the end of the first lesson they get the idea. We continue to practice using familiar texts. Using a timer is another way to help students pick up the pace when reading. It is also a way to help them set a goal ex= 100 word in one minute. Good Luck.

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