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    Math Writing
    By Kellie

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    I have the same goal and so far have not incorporated writing into math yet. I have had my students create their own story problems, one for addition and one for subtraction, using animals.They all created fine stories and those that finished could trade with someone and solve their problems by drawing and writing number sentences. I bought a book by Marilyn Burns called A Collection of Math Lessons From Grades 1 through 3 which explanes how to incorporate children's writing into math lessons. She says that at first the student's don't know what to write but with experience and time their confidence will grow. At first you should set up the sentences for them which reflect their thinking and reasoning processes such as "The graph tells me that..." or "My strategy for playing is..." They can write in groups or individually depending on your math activity. Also they should share their writing to provide models to each other and so they are more careful about what they write.

    I have yet to do this and because I plan on putting more focus on writing I think this would be a good place to add writing to my day.
    I hope this is helpful to you.

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