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    By Gail

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    We have had extensive training in literacy which our school puts a huge emphasis on. We have had more training in our math program, more demands from that; we have lots of social (interpersonal) studies, add to that a certain amount of "play" time, a few specials a week, and you have a very full day.
    From a more personal perspective, I think the younger children are, the closer to home their social studies should be. They need to know that things happened in the past, more to get a sense of the passing of time in history than to understand the content. They need to know that we have a President now and that we have had them for hundreds of years, not the history associated with the Presidents themselves. They need to know that there are lots of different peoples in our world and that some of them live in our community, not extensive study on any country.
    I think that the children have their own experience in society and that we need to show them the local differences not the historical or international ones. Right now they need to get along with each other and that can take direct instruction. Our principal supports our sense of community and the work we do to achieve it.

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