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    By Jennifer

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    I am in my fourth year of teaching, and I have slowly refined my 100th day celebration. I include some of the following activities. We create 100 day crowns and glasses from a pattern that I have found. Also, my students create a necklace by counting 100 pieces of cereal. You may even want the students to try to create a pattern with cereal such as Fruit Loops. I have had the students write about how they would spend $100 or what they will be like when they are 100 years old. I have the students collect 100 items from homes such as buttons, cereal, pop tabs, etc. Students count and glue the items to a pre-made grid with 100 boxes. We put together 100 piece puzzles in groups of three or four. I have also tried to make a big book with students in which there are 10 pages. Students and I brainstorm 10 things to fit each of the categories on the 10 pages (animals, names, numbers, books, etc). You could do this as a class activity throughout the day or as a small groups. Finally, we have created a 100th day snack from 10 ten different snack items (cereal, crackers, chocolate chips, etc) or I have presented the class with a cake cut as a 100 (this was kind of tricky!).

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