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    communicating with dad
    By karen

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    my 17 yr old son has the very same problem, it has
    been on going for years. he is a jr in high school, and now has a job. they live 20 minutes away, but will not drive him to work (he doesnt have a license/car yet). so the step mom told him
    to take off on they're reply to my
    son was no, they hired you to work wkends! his dad told him to call next time he is off on his wkend. 2 times he was off and called one week in advance to let them know, when it got close, "she" called and cancelled. my son never gets "guy" time w/ his dad. she always has to be
    included. she is controlling the communication and the visitations and the dad never stands up to bat. fortunately, my son has a stepdad that loves him as if he were his own, my son will tell you that "he" is his role model. i love that, but it still makes me sad about his dad. his dad doesnt have enough sense to put a stop to this stuff. hope my son isn't ruined emotionally for life. i tell him his dad loves him.
    but its
    from a mom

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