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    getting the axe
    By Carolyn

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    I like the way you phrased that (Closed. Teachers at the Mall.) Wouldn't it be interesting if one day when parents wanted to bring their children to school they found a sign like that. We are expected to accommodate the children when they want to bring them, but when it comes down to their not wanting to send the kids for a variety of reasons (or bring them late to school), we have to deal with that, too.

    Our school did not make AYP. I was told that we had 8 of 9 criteria met. We missed on attendance, also. I have a student this year who missed 30 days of school while she was enrolled in our school, but I have no idea what she missed when she was enrolled at another school earlier in the year. Mom didn't want her to be retained. Incredible! What I hate is that the kids don't seem to be required to make up the days they miss. Okay, so most children miss a few days in a year, but imagine a child missing 30 who isn't even required to go to summer school or an after-school program to make up the lost days???

    I wish the governments, both state and federal, would wake up and realize that there is just so much that is out of our hands.

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