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    can see this situation clearly
    By Carolyn

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    You are not alone in this sort of situation. I have heard this sort of thing many times over the years. Your principal should have had more spine and not have moved the child so easily from your room. If parents can just come in and move children just like that, then it will happen again, and again, and again... I don't believe that a child should be moved just becaue of this one squabble. One thing I realize is that children in my fifth grade class squabble and get into some major arguments from time to time. They'll even ask me to move their seat in the room away from somebody else. The next day, they are friends and everything is okay as if nothing ever happened. I think the parent should have recognized that her child should learn to fend for herself, to a degree. I don't think it's a good lesson in life for the child to be moved at the first sign of difficulty with another person. Your principal should have said, "Okay, if Susan wants to go to a different school, then she should do so" rather than giving in to the parent this easily. We hear these threats all of the time at our school, and some parents actually do follow through on them, but the majority don't. They're just throwing their weight around.

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