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    problems in my school
    By Carolyn

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    These are what all of us complain about in my small rural school:

    1. Children are too homogeneous. This is a very small community with its own community school. We have an enrollment of about 110 students, with one class of each grade level - K-5. The children never get separated from each other in other classes, because they don't exist. The consequence is that children go to school with each other, for better or for worse, all through their schooling.
    2. Uninvolved parents.
    3. Parents who blame us or find excuses for their children's behavior or failures.
    4. My current class size of 27 students, many of whom have ADHD and ADD, 1 ESL student, 1 visually impaired, 4 special education students with IEP's. It would be nice to have an assistant!
    5. Too much emphasis upon state testing.
    6. Too much blame placed upon the teacher on outcomes of state testing.
    7. Overwhelming discipline problems.
    8. Lack of respect from students.
    9. Parents who act as if they want their children to do better in school, but do nothing to support this need.
    10. Parents who don't seem to read correspondence that comes home to them. "Do you give homework every night? Well, Mom, if you had read the correspondence that I sent home, you would have known!

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