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    Pizza Feed
    By kasey

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    I don't know if this is too cutesy, but it works. I have the kids earn their way to a pizza feed by learning their mult. tables. For 0's they get a cheer (too easy), for 1's they get a napking, for 2's they get a plate, for 3's they get the crust, for 4's they get the sauce, for 5's they get cheese, for 6's through 9's they get a different topping each. For 10's they get extra cheese. Each kiddo has a placemat with their name on it posted around the room. They build their pizza on the placemat. I use real napkins and paper plates, the rest is graphics from my computer, and stuff I just drew and copied on appropriate color paper (red for sauce, tan for crust, etc.). I have three pizza feeds per year, the parents supply the food, they bring their own drink. Lunch is in the classroom that day. ONLY kids that have earned it get to come. Any that haven't made it to the 10's by the end of the year come to the last party and get a pizza equal to what they've earned. It is amazing, but I only had one kiddo not get to their 10's last year. They love this, pardon the pun, but they eat it up!

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