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    Job fairs
    By Tiffany

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    You may want to check in with your college (if in NY state). Many schools hold job fairs in the spring for the upcoming year. You may also be able to attend ones not held by colleges (our CTC former JVS) holds one in the spring.

    Also, does your area have a job board? We have one that 90% of school districts in the area post jobs on. The only way to apply for positions is to post your resume on the board. Then you are able to apply for the jobs you are interested in.

    If you are able, you might want to check into the private schools in your area. The pay may not be good enough to move out of your current area, but I have found jobs to be more plentiful in the private school sector, and you will be able to gain experience. The pay is considerably less than public schools, though.

    If you fail to get a classroom, you might want to explore other education related areas. For instance, Sylvan Learning Center has full time positions.

    If you are willing, you might try to get a temporary certificate/license for Special Ed. I am currently teaching on one and was snapped up by a public school--they are in desperate need for Spec Ed teachers in my state.

    Hope this is helpful! Good luck!!

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