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    By Melissastarr

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    I love the idea of having a website to introduce your child to future teachers! It's always fun for me to get to know about my kids before school begins. However, I only want to know about who they are, not the problems they might have. Your site was very clear on the problems that he might have, but why not tell more about him as a person than about his disability? I've had many kids with special needs and I used to be a behavior specialist for children with Autism, PDD, ADD/ADHD, ODD, etc. My questions about the child were always the same, though:
    what does your child like to do?
    what is your child's favorite color?
    what does your child want to be when s/he grows up?
    what teachers have been most helpful in your child's life and education? How were they helpful?
    what kinds of friends does your child like to have?
    what motivates your child?

    These questions give me so much information about how to problem solve and work with the child, regardless of whether there are disabilities. If I were you, I'd incorporate more about who your child is, what his strengths are, how you'd like to be involved in the classroom, and what strategies teachers have used successfully with him in the past. If you focus on the positive, so will the teacher.


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