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    By Former Teacher

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    Whoa, put in some paragraphs next time! This was really difficult to read.

    Anyway, to address your concerns:

    First, I would probably just try to stay away from this person. If you host another "reward party," send out a memo that it will begin at such-and-such time and that no one will be admitted after that time. Then lock the door.

    It concerns me that your administrators would discuss another teacher's performance with you. That is unprofessional and probably illegal. I would try to stay away from them, too. Who knows what they're saying about you when you're not around? (And frankly, who cares? They sound pretty immature.)

    If you are truly concerned about the validity of this teacher's scores/grades, you may want to consider putting your concerns in writing and presenting them to the administration. But based on your past experience with the Principal and AP, you will want to be VERY careful about doing this.

    Your best option is probably just to stay out of it. Let her do her thing, and let the administration deal with it. Continue doing the great job you are doing with your students.

    It is unfortunate that her students are suffering, but kids are pretty resilient. One bad year is a terrible thing, but they will recover. You don't want to jeopardize your own chance to do good things by rocking the boat too hard.

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