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    I understand what your are going through and have a few suggestions that may or may not help. First and foremost, it seems that your management system is a lot of work on your part. Instead or putting names on the board and then checks make that the students job. Perhaps you could have them pull sticks or to make it cute you could make a crayon box with paper crayons and have them pull crayons. Each color crayon could represent another infraction. Yellow could be their waring, and other colors could represent another rule broken. By doing this you can say, "You need to pull a crayon" and keep teaching while the student gets up and takes care of it. Finally, the key to a good classroom climate is to be positive. If you see a problem, shower the other students who are following directions with compliments. Ex. "Wow guys! Look at John! He is sitting quietly in his seat with his hands to himself. Everyone tell John he is doing a good job!" John is not only getting compliments from you but also from the rest of the class. Your 5 or 6 troublemakers may see this and crave compliments from your or their classmates. Give positive attention to those doing good and if possible no attention to those who are not. I hope this helps. I have only been teaching two years but this seems to work for me.

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