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    By Randi

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    I also did a unit on Communities. I tied in careers also. What I did was I had my kids actually create a community. Each student had to make a building. We reviewed our states and the line of symmetry's job. We folded construction paper to make a rectangle and a triangle. These two shapes were glued together to make a house. The students were then given lima beans. They had to tell me how many lima beans it took to go all the way around the house (perimeter). They then had to name it. Some were hospitals, schools, fire station, super markets, etc. I then brought in a big piece of butcher paper and we then made roads measuring how long we wanted them and put out community together. The kids really loved it.

    If you choose to tie in careers also. An activity I did with my kids that really worked was as simple as making them choose a career that they want to do in the future. They wrote on a piece of paper, "When I grow up, I want to be a ___________________. They then drew a picture. We took a piece of ribbon and an envelope. We sealed their response. I wrote a note to their parents to hold on to in for a couple years and then read it with their child. Sort of like a time capsule.

    Hope these help.
    First Grade

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