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    I know how you feel
    By Chrsty

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    I know exactly how you feel. I have felt that way before.

    I am not sure if you are close to other teachers in your grade level, but here is a suggestion.

    We was going through the same thing in 3rd grade. Each of us teachers was doing the same thing that you are. We decided, that since each of our classes have more advanced readers, spellers etc... and some lower level ones, that we would switch off. Reading is 40 minutes. Mrs.X will take the advanced kids, Mrs.Y will take 1/2 and the other two will split the lower leveled ones. We did this for math and reading. It works great, and now all the other grades are doing the same. As far as spelling and the other subjects go, we just take our time, going through it, and so far it has worked.

    Of coarse, you have to stay on schedule, and sometimes, it can get hectic just moving the kids around, but if your classes are right next to each other, then it should run smoothly after a couple of days or a week.

    Just remember, you are only one person. It's ok to ask for help. Just do some breathing techniques to keep you calm, find a mentor, talk with that person, get suggestions from other teachers, ask parents to volunteer, maybe 2 at a time, or assign a class grandma, (most students' grandparents are retired), and share the activities,

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