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    By Cheryl

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    Well you have a good idea of ackowledging your stepmother, but with mine that won't work. I didn't go to Christmas dinner, I spent it with my mom's family and boy am I glad I did. I got all the details from my uncle and apparently she insulted everyone there. She told my cousin she
    probably won't graduate from college cause she's 25 and has been in college now for 6 years. And if you don't agree with her she'll start arguing until either you give in and agree with her or just let the issue go. She's very insecure and is always insulting my cousins and I for going to college and doing well in careers, ect. She's constantly saying something negative about everyone. I know this sounds horrible but I absolutely hate her. She is the wicked witch. My entire family can not stand to be around her, so I know its not me. I just can not be around my dad and stepmother because of the horrible things that they continue to say about my mother after I have repeatedly told them that they don't have to like her, but in my presence they could not say such vicious things cause the only person they are hurting is me. I will not tolerate their insults at all. As far as my family gathering goes, I plan to go seeing how there'll be enough family there to where I won't even have to talk to the witch.

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