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    Student teachers getting paid?
    By Connie

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    First of all, what professions pay students for their classroom experience? Some places may provide an internship for summer work. Doctors begin to be paid AFTER medical school when they do their residencies. Interning, which is much more difficult that 10-12 weeks of student teaching is nighttime/weekend work up to 80 hours. These future doctors are not paid either. They also have to pass an extremely difficult state board test before they get the "privilege" of interning.
    Student teachers, you are lucky!

    I used to be paid for student teachers many years ago. It was a small sum. Now, I don't even get a free class at their university. I usually love to work with the students, but my last one was terrible and I am very hesitant to ever be put in that position again. Student teachers DO NOT usually make life easier for the supervising teacher, unless their teacher is a known slacker. My students benefit from the experience because they have two adults there to help. Like the last poster said, we just break even if we have a very good student. Remember, we have to give up most of our free time to explain our classroom to you. During those early weeks, we have a lot more work to do at home because of that.

    My advice is, be humble, grateful and try to have a great attitude. We may recommend you to be hired next year!

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