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    student teaching
    By Carolyn in Paddle Prairie

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    I am a second career teacher and I went back to university full time in 2000 when I was 40. In Canada, I do not know any way to do your BEd other then full time.
    I was blessed to have two excellent partner teachers - both around my age who were excellent mentors and support for me. I was lucky coming from a pre-school teachers background I had some experience, plus excellent proff's in university who preped me well
    I think what I discovered was that so much depended on who you had teaching your classes on campus and how well you gelled with your partner teacher. I had great experiences in both areas, but I can tell you horror stories from others including one friend that had to be moved from her placement and another lady who received a terrible review for her second and most important placement.
    Others may disagree with me, but I was a goof off in High School and all my education has come later in life. One thing I learned very quick was to provide what they were looking for no matter how I disagree with it - and I did that well. Having had positive student teaching experiences, I cannot say that I could have applied that there, but get the advise, the feedback from the partner teacher, work with what you have - when you have your own class - you can do things your way.
    Have a great weekend

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