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    By Jennifer in OK

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    I use the three year rule. If I haven't used it in 3 years, I trash it or put it in the lounge for others to use.

    I'm in a new site this year (transition) while our new school is being built. I took only what I needed and kept as much in boxes and in the one closet I have (I used to have 4!). This makes it easier on me to repack at the end of this year. I realize now that there are things that I could've left behind, but who knew at the time.

    I don't like a lot of clutter, so I have things organized in 2 file cabinets. One holds all my teacher resource books that I have bought. The other has my hanging files, color coded, and labeled for quick easy reference. Other teachers who I allow to freely borrow (only 1 right now) always know exactly where to look.

    You can buy those big Rubbermaid storage boxes that cost less than $5 and store things in. They are stackable and hold a lot. They can be put in closets or on high shelves. You can also buy those 3 drawer rolling carts and store those items used most often in them.

    Earn a little extra money and hold a garage sale. I know a lot of teachers who go and look when retiring teachers have one. You can get/give good deals and come out with a little money in the end!

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