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    Like I said
    By Heather

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    Like I said, I didn't realize that she wrote that. I have already apologized. Let's leave it at that.

    People make mistakes. Some may make more than other. I have seen people who you would consider to be the smartest teacher in school make a honest mistake.

    I thanked her for pointing that out. Let's drop it. I would rather stop it here than get into a huge discussion over one word.

    I think that it is great that there are some people out there that watch every little thing that someone types. Sometimes though, I wonder why they do this. I mean this is a place for teachers to come a VENT,share ideas, and stories. You would hope that everything wrote would be perfect, but it isn't. I could sit here and pick out tons of messages that have many many mistakes in them. I overlook them, just because I am sure that that teacher knows better, and just was in a hurry to proofread, like myself.

    I also wonder if they go around correcting co workers, friends, and strangers on the street. Don't you get tired of "grading" people?

    I am sure that I have made plenty of mistakes in this message. Please don't point them out to me. I wrote this in about 1 minute.

    Again, I have already apoligized to her for that. It should have been left at that. Let's not start something huge over something that I have already tried to fix.

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