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    Try a paragraph frame
    By BN

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    I don't have any sample paragraghs but
    have you tried using a paragraph frame to start.
    First we brainstorm topics-- more recess time,
    more time between classes, lockers, different menu in cafe, allowing music/radio during lunch, more library books etc. We try to think of topics that are of interest to grade five students.We write to persuade the prinipal, teachers,parents of some topic that concerns them. Two impt. concepts about persuasive paragraphs that students find difficult are--#1 a topic that can be supported with facts/examples or reason and #2 writing to a specific audience. I remind them that they are writing to persuade or convince someone of their POV. In order to do this they need facts and examples to back up their POV.

    Then,we compose a class paragraph by filling in the frame.

    Persuasive paragragh frame ( I have a transparency)

    I believe that...

    One reason is...

    For example...

    Another reason is...*

    For example..*. *(More can be added if needed)


    Therefore, I think that...

    For individual paragraphs you can use the frame or a persuasive map...

    Persuasive Map
    (sample transparency)

    Goal or Opinion

    Reason Reason Reason
    __________ _________ _________
    __________ _________ _________
    _______ __________ _________

    Support (EX) Support(EX) Support(EX)
    ___________ ____________ ___________
    ____________ ____________ ____________
    ___________ __________ ___________


    Therefore, I think that...

    Frames and maps are good techniques to get students thinking about trying to persuade or explaining their points of view.

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