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    Valentine Party...uggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!
    By Destiny

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    Darling I just laugh because its like we are going through the SAME stuff.I just cant figure how your Teacher can leave at a time like this. Thankfully we had several parents to help out at different points through out the day.SO what I did is when they are just standing watching me I asked them to please pass out the crayons or can you take these 4 girls to the rest room etc.And they say "How do you guys put up with this ALL Day long"My babies fought,bit,took candy from the weaker ones,cried,had bathroom accidents,and I even had one to try to take her stuff to the bus so no one would steal it.Thankfully I heard the door shut and went to look out and she had PACKED all of her stuff and was gone up the hall.I also had that certain 3yr old boy tell me that his dad was going to kill me because I stopped him from turning over the book shelf on another child.The shelf is short and will not turn over without force.All and all the Party was actually nice and they all went home with parents except five so my evening was good.Funny thing is that the next day I had at least seven children who bought more Valentine and candy because their parents didnt send any the day of the party and I had about four who bought their Valentine back and wanted to pass those out..........Keep writing we will get through this!!!

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