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    Computer use
    By Heather

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    I have been on both sides of the fence. I subbed while I went to school, and was left with computer assignments all the time. I hated them. I didn't know anything about the program, who sat where, etc....
    but finally, I thought to myself, "If I am going to be a teacher at this school, I need to learn the program. So I did. I have encouraged other subs to learn various programs as well.

    As for the teacher not leaving specific notes for the computer use, that is something that should be discussed. I try to visit the teacher if I know ahead of time that i will be there for her that day, and ask questions that require specific answers.

    Not saying that you are not a good sub, because if you wasn't this wouldn't be on your mind right now, but I encourage you to learn a bit about the programs that they use the most, if you knwo ahead of time who you will be subbing for, visit him/her before hand to get your questions answered, if you have to take the class to the computer lab that day, ask that morning who you should contact, if you need assistance with the computers.
    OR just dont do it, and make something up to take up the time of the computer assingment, although that teacher may get a little upset, she should understand.

    But I do encourage you, or you should encourage others to get to know computers, and school programs.

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