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    Multiple Meaning Words
    By ~Emmy J

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    Multiple Meaning Words:

    Whole Class: I have a chart that states the defintion of "multiple meaning words". Then I have the word "Bat". Under the word, I have three pictures that include different meanings of the word (a mammal, a tool for batting, a verb 'to bat')

    Small Group: I have task cards that have one word each on them. Students in small group choose a card. They have to draw or write as many meanings that they can think of. We share and discuss.

    Independent Work: I have a worksheet. A sentence is given with a word in dark print. Then two to three more sentences are given and they have to find the sentence that means the same as the orignal sentence.


    I set up a board that is a Memory Game. I have colored index cards with homophones on them (pear/pair, hear/here, so/sew, etc.) The cards are velcroed on the board, words face down. On the back of each card is a number and letter. The students take turns calling out pairs (row 3 B and Row 2 E) If they find a match, they have to tell which homophone I am talking about(I give them a sentence) before they get the point.
    They really like this.

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