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    By teacher/parent

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    An IEP is not the first step. Have you been lead to believe this? The first is to request an S Team. A parent or teacher can do this. Then an S Team meeting is set. You voice your concerns at this time (our state requires two meetings prior to testing). Then with a couple of weeks (not sure the exact time frame)you have another meeting. At this time, the teacher states the modifications/accomodations that he/she has implemented and if they helped. Then it is decided if testing is needed(and if you want testing you need to state that you want it even if the teacher doesn't--sometimes that is more work for them, but sorry, if you want her tested you say so). Then the testing is done. It has to be done within a certain amount of days (something like 30). Then they will consider the findings. If needed, then an IEP will be put into action. You need to state what you would like to see happen. You have that right! You stay in there all night if you have to to get what you think she needs. You are the child's advocate and she needs you in her corner. You seem very concerned, and you daughter should feel lucky to have a caring parent as yourself!
    Don't hesitate---call tomorrow and tell them you need an STeam set up ASAP!! You show up at all meetings with pen and paper so you can write things down to refer to later.

    Come back here if you need more help!

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