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    I seen that.
    By Heather

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    I seen part of that episode. It's awful that something like this goes on for so long. And then they wonder why the one who is beig bullied bursts one day, and shoots someone, possible killing them!

    I know it is hard to referee students who are bullying, but I tend to pay more attention to that than other teachers. For example, the other day, I had to observe another teacher, for a class that I am taking. I watched her for an hour, ignore two boys, calling another boy fagot, gay, girl.... I couldn't stand it anymore, and I told both of them to stop, and if I heard them call that kid another name, I would personally walk them to the office.

    When I looked into that kids eyes, I could see his pain. I do not tolerate it at all!

    Like I said, it is hard for a teacher to catch every little thing. I encourage all my kids, to talk to me if anyone is bothering them. I tell them that no matter what,I will not let any other student know that they came to me. I have even had students write me a note on their homework assignment about being bullied.

    It is a sad thing. I know kids will be kids, and some are cruel. Some kids don't understand what they are doing to others and some just don't care. I also know that the bully is bullying because there is an underlying problem with him/her.

    Too bad we can't take every single kid under our wings, forever.

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