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    absurd parents
    By kat

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    ...and we wonder why the children are the way they are. This has brought me great humor and reminded me of some real great ones I have experienced over the years.

    5th grade class---we were learning the capitals of each state and I had sent home papers with several low grades for a particular student. The parent sent me a note(I'm serious) that said something to the effect that the capitals would be easier to learn if they were changed to match the state Ex: Rhode Island City, Rhode Island; New Jersey City, New Jersey.

    Same year---during the 2000 election we were learning about the systema nd I asked each student to write a persuasive paragraph to convince me to vote for the candidate they thought would be the best choice. They wer allowed to get information from newspapers, TV, family, etc. That was all I said. A parent went to the principal in an irrate state of mind and told him I was exposting the children to the debate on abortion and her child was not allowed to be discussing that. Well, my principal called me in. I explained my assignment and he burst out laughing. Needless to say the parent was way off base and her child was the only one who even mentioned abortion---who wrote his speech?

    This year(3rd grade) I have the real parent from hell. She verbally assaulted me in the hall after school one day and when I said she did not have an appointment scheduled she went to the principal and told him she almost physically assaulted me. All this over some spelling words. I

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