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    I think we all are feeling....
    By ~Emmy J

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    I think we all are feeling the pressure over this testing. It is utterly ridiculous! I may be here boo-hooing in April and I'm a seasoned teacher! I am doing everything short of standing on my head and doing cartwheels! I take my job very seriously and work hard at it! I have tried to help my third graders improve in Reading! I agree with the above posters: a lot more than those "precious" scores should be taken into account! I'm sorry but I DO feel that home environment is an issue. I don't dwell on that issue and just keep working with these kids but it does effect their learning in my opinion. Some students are not test takers and freak out! I had one little boy my first year (a good student) that cried throughout the testing!

    Anyway, I am sorry that the others made you feel so bad! In my opinion, they haven't done their job if they haven't even given you the correct materials and no mentor! Just remember, a first year teacher is JUST THAT and you ARE going to screw some things up and your kids ARE going to be just fine. You are still learning--heck, we ALL are! You just hang in there and don't give up! You care about your students, it is obvious, and you have gotten this far. You are going to be a great teacher and you are doing great now for your first year!!

    Smiles and Hugs
    Emmy J

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