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    detective theme
    By chris

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    Just a few notes from the top of my head...

    1. For behavior, you could have them move different levels of detectives - for example from novice to super sleuth! Super sleuths would earn more money. Or they could get different numbers of stars on a badge to show how high up in rank they are.

    2. I just bought a bulletin board border with a detective theme. I can let you know the company if you want.

    3. Start the year with autobiographies and leave the names off and have them solve the mystery of who is being described. You could have them secretly bring in baby pictures to add a clue to the puzzle.

    4. My second graders love the Bailey School Kids, Cam Jansen, and Jigsaw Jones mysteries also.

    5. They could come up with detective agency names for the groups that they are seated in. You could use these names to give small group rewards , calling them to line up, etc.

    6. You could have a class mascot (a bloodhound maybe?)who disappears and the students follow clues to find him. You could either have him with another classroom or tie this into your curriculum by having him visit parts of the world that you study, etc.

    7. Their name tags on their desks could be a badge that says Lt. and then their name.

    8.You could have a part of the room where you rate the books that you read. They could be measured by how many "magnifying glasses" they get, like how many stars a movie gets.

    I hope that some of this helps. I'll keep on thinking. Good idea!

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