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    St Patty Ideas
    By Kim

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    I do a few things . .

    On St Patty's day when the kids are at a special I 'mess up' the room - and leave a crypted note on the from the leprechaun. It says something like, "Wheres Me Gold?" The kids LOVE the idea that a magical creature was in our class.

    THen we discover that the leprachaun has left some 'magic' powder. This is Pistacio instant pudding mix. I take a tablespoon or so and put it in a zip lock bag for each child - add a bit of milk and have the kids shake it. Ta Dah - GREEN pudding! They love that too. The dry pudding is white so when you add the milk it is rather 'magical'

    I also have them a few weeks prior decorate a GREEN paper cup with a face. They can draw it or glue on features. Then we fill it with soil and plant RYE grass. By the time St Patty's is here the grass has grown ALOT. Then at the party, each child has to give their leprachaun a 'hair cut" it is VERY cute and alot of fun.

    THen the last thing we do is to string noodles and Shamrocks. I dye Ziti noodles with food coloring and alcohol to ge bright green and orange - colors of Ireland. Then I have already cut out small shamrocks. The kids are then asked to string the noodles and shamrocks onto a sting. I then hang those in the room. They are about 2-3 feet long. They are cute and no two are the same.

    I hope this helps. - questions? e-mail me


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