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    Reading Response Journals
    By MrsT

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    I use journals regularly and don't usually grade them. I have changing criteria that goes along with the focus of our mini lessons during reading workshop. I did create a generic rubric (but haven't actually used it yet). I usually record a check, plus or minus sign in my grade book for each letter written. My responses to the students (also in letter form) include assessment info for the kids about the strengths and weaknesses of the letter. I also ask questions, make personal connections, etc. Hope this helps...


    Reading Response Rubric

    Letter Format
    My entry was written as a letter.

    My entry was not written as a letter.

    Reading and Thinking Strategies
    I wrote about and explained at least one reading or thinking strategy I used while reading.


    I did not write about any reading or thinking strategies in my letter.

    Questions and Answers
    I answered the questions I was asked and wrote some new questions I have about my book.

    I did not answer or ask any questions.

    I wrote about my feelings and explained why I was feeling that way OR I explained what I liked or disliked
    about the book.

    I did not mention how the book was making me feel or if I liked it.

    I reread my letter and fixed C.A.P.S. and I didnít leave out any words.

    My letter is hard to read and has many C.A.P.S. mistakes and/or I have some missing words.

    C.A.P.S.= Capitalization, Agreement, Punctuation and Spelling.

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