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    By Jennifer in OK

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    The best lesson I learned while student teaching was to be very careful with mypurse. I had it on the chair I sat in under my coat (draped across the back). One girl got into my purse when I was out of the room (and the teacher was helping others) and stole $30 out of my wallet. (Amazing part is, I usually never have cash on me!) I noticed when I came back that my wallet was partially sticking out of the purse when it had been zipped in. I mentioned in private to the teacher what I noticed. She questioned the kids about it and several cam to her later and said they had seen the girl in that area. By the time we talked to the girl, she had alreayd spent some of it. We talked to dad and I did get my money back. The lesson was learned though.

    It's sad when it gets to the point that you can't trust these kids. I had about $20 worth of ring pops stolen from my room by some students we share the pre-fab with. I started latching the connecting door. I found out who had done it after discussing it with my class. I hated to think some of my own had done it. Luckily, no sooner had I mentioned what was stolen that several said they had seen 2 girls with a bunch of ring pops the other day. They were punished by the school and I was given the money to buy a whole other package of ring pops. They are much more hidden now then they were then. (And they were quite out of sight before they were stolen! They really looked through stuff!)

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